Tidy Trolleys offer the following benefits

Tidy Trolleys are storage units for your under-the-stair cupboard. They roll out and roll back in again on castors and are perfect for keeping your stair cupboard organised, for getting to your things easily and for making sure you're using all the cupboard space available.
  • 40% less expensive than under stair shelving systems, and ... 
  • You won't need to have any structural changes made to your stairs to install them: if you've got an under-the-stair cupboard, then you can start using a Tidy Trolley.
  • Tidy Trolleys are made-to-measure and will fit any size or shape of under-the-stair cupboard. 
  • Shelves can be lowered, raised or completely removed to provide flexible storage options.
  • Castors with rubber tyres means your Trolley will smoothly roll out and back into your stair cupboard and they won't leave marks on your carpets or hard floors.
  • Shelves are finished with hard-wearing varnish to allow for wipe cleaning.
  • Tidy Trolleys are made with high quality, responsibly sourced redwood and spruce, and reinforced with a steel brace for extra strength.
  • Tidy Trolleys are  Designed and made in Kent
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